Libra astrological traits

They love satisfying their partner, and they are some of the strongest and most charming catches in the Zodiac. A Libra loves to be pampered and calm.

Libra The Scales

Therefore, a lovely couples massage would be an ideal date for one. The Libra will literally feel the stress melting out of their life, and they will be able to enjoy how romantic the side by side massage truly is. Finish the night off by indulging in champagne and chocolate, and the Libra will be in heaven. Pure bliss. Grab their lower back as well and they may ask you to marry them. Libras are actually heavily obsessed with sex, often associating it with falling in love. Libras are not as prideful as Leos, but they do have quite a large ego.

Heartbreak leads to a Libra experiencing insecurity, but they have such a natural charm to them that they will often find a replacement in no time. Since they cannot be alone, Libras move very quickly when rebounding in order to heal their broken pieces and pump up their ego again. Libras are excellent communicators and they have great taste, resulting in them being very, very popular.

Libras can often be found with a posse of people around them. Unfortunately, Libras find it difficult to keep a secret, and they may end up upsetting people they care about without intending to do so. Libras respect anyone who has a wit to them. Confident people who have a lot going for them are also very well liked by Libras.

Libras absolutely hate conflict and confrontation. They despise it, and therefore it takes a lot for them to show their anger when they are mad. Since aggression is considered to be a very unpopular emotion, Libras have learned to keep it to themselves as not to disturb their likeable, charming image. When they do fly off the handle, Libras often justify their meltdowns, and believe that they expressed themselves in the best possible way.

When sad, Libras get quite moody. This causes them to feel a hopelessness within them, and they feel rejected and disliked by their posse. When sad libras will always try to be happy in order to pretend like nothing is wrong. Their composure is seen as a survival tactic, for they think if they break down they will be seen differently in the public eye.

The DARK Side of Libra Zodiac - Astrology Negative Personality Traits

Libras are silent sufferers. To be happy, Libras just want the freedom of choice. They love being able to do things, and buy things, and obtain things without ever having to wait for them. At their best, Libras are fun loving people who think ahead. They are not to be underestimated, as they are seriously observant and have a lot to offer people who pick their brain. They are quirky and clever, and have an artistic charm to them that is irresistible. At their worst, Libras hide behind masks.

You never know what they are truly feeling, and they put on an overly confident front in order to seem agreeable and charming. Behind the mask, the Libra can be very self doubting, lazy, and avoidant — the complete opposite of what they put out into the world. Libras fear confrontation, and they will do absolutely everything in their power to keep things harmonized.

They strive to make people happy. Libras are terrified of causing other distress, and hurting the feelings of those around them. They never want to upset people, and it really scares them to think that they could potentially say something or do something and unintentionally stress someone out. Libras are the full package when it comes to employees. They are charming, attractive, generous and entertaining. They are cooperative, and they make amazing team leaders because of that. Libras would make amazing customer service employees, because they are patient and fair.

Working with people is their strong suit, so any job that cater to that personality would be a great fit for a Libra. Jobs in politics, sales, negotiations or travel would benefit from having a Libra on board. If you can keep her in the moment, you can keep her forever. But the Libra mind will drift and worry.

It will linger on the wrong that cut her too deeply. She will scrutinize over the words you used, or the words that went unspoken. Air is known for being unpredictable and quick at changing its direction. Similarly, Librans are also unpredictable in their actions. They can be highly active in one moment and become completely inactive on the next. People born under the Air sign are great thinkers. They are gifted with a very logical mind.

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Librans therefore are good at analyzing situations and come up with solutions. They attach high value to intellect. Members of the Air sign are often good with language; having command over several languages. Librans are therefore natural communicators and engaging talkers. They are easy going people and it is fun to have them around you. When it comes to handle an awkward situation, Libras are the best. They are diplomatic and know how to manage the weirdest situations with elegance and style.

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Libras love peace and harmony and they often bridge the gap between people. They keep a principle in their mind and do accordingly. They are great hosts. They will not let you complain about their hospitability. Libras love adventure and excitement in life and they love traveling. Libras are very self-indulging. When it comes to pamper themselves, they can forget the rest of the world. Sometimes, they get so carried away by themselves that it becomes very uncanny with others. Sometimes, you also may find them unreliable.

Libra Symbol, Planet, Element, and Quality

They often act pessimistic towards life and its every aspect. You must notice that almost all Libras are reluctant to say their heart. They have the hardest time, when they are asked to make a decision. This often makes as the biggest turn off for others. Balanced: They are the most balanced zodiac sign.

Libra signifies balance and they rightly do justice to their name. If the Libras take a decision, you must know they will be the most balance one and correct. Their magnetic appearance is the first trait, which you will notice in them. For this reason, they do not have to work hard to get noticed or recognized. When they are in love, they are the most passionate lovers.

They can do anything to impress their loved one. This is Libra for you. They do not love arguments and want to maintain silence and calm in their surrounding. They are also known for their kind-heartedness. They are often struggling between diplomacy and biasness. The type of person that you can talk to for 7 hours about one topic and give them all of your best advice….

And then they do the complete opposite of what you said. Principle: With the 7th zodiacal principle, the dissonance of Virgo gies way to the consonance of Libra and its Apollonian precepts of order, reason, and beauty. Design replaces mere function and societal rules are imposed on freeform nature. Libra woman stands for equality within the male-Apollonian vision of civilization, standing firm in her ideals, representing feminine authority in the world. Planetary symbol: The glyph of Venus-circle of spirit above cross of matter-represents the divine mind.

Sign Quadrant: The zodiacal quadrants correspond to metaphysical planes of being - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The Third Quadrant is that of mental perception, particularly as it relates to existence. For Libra woman, importance lies on the abstract level of conscious thought and the projection of principled thought-forms onto society. Sign glyph: The Libran emblem suggests balance between day and night, summer and winter-the autumnal equinox ushers in the sign of Libra. Libra is the only sign with an inanimate symbol.

The Scales represent equality in the sexes. Astraea, The Lady of the Scales, was goddess of justice and karmic law. She is emblematic, especially to men, who view her as a pendant alternatively meaning counterpart and ornamental trinkey. The cardinal equality signifies a call to action and initiative. Polarity: Females in masculine fire, air are not aligned with the gender polarity of their sign and thus enact instead of embody the quality-element combination of the sign. Libra woman seeks to cast light cardinal-air in her establishment of myriad thought-forms and high ideals. Sign Number: 7 The number of divine order in the universe: Light is made of seven hues; diatonic scales in music are made of seven notes; as model for the week, the world was created in seven days.

There are seven virtues, seven deadly sins, seven pillars of wisdom, seven sacraments, seven heavens. The Seven Sisters, also known as the Pleiades in Greek mythology, were daughters of Aphrodite-Venus, goddesses of justice and fate. Single Age Association: The age group associated with Libra: the prime of life for women; focus is often on mothering and educating children. A pinnacle time-the peak of sexual power, as well as personal ideology. One has spellbinding sway over others; and mental power culminates.

Psychology: The Libra woman often suffers from a superiority complex; she can be self-righteous, contrary, and argumentative. Fear of intimacy keeps her from committing and sees her bolting from relationships, seemingly without remorse. She is apt to be selfish and erratic, and she tends toward promiscuity as a way to prove herself passionate.

Due to a highly competitive nature, she has difficulty befriending other women. The Furies were karmic redeemers for crimes against women- those breaking the ius naturale, or maternal law. Libra, The scrupulous scales, a Cardinal air sign ruled by the loving, diplomatic, and artsy planet of Venus. They represent the age of achievements, the time when we reach a place in our adulthood, where we have hopefully mastered what we do best, and do it with pride. Libras are bubbly, lively and very welcoming of new faces. Upon first meeting, a Libra will not hesitate to talk to you, striking up small talk and, listening endearingly, as the object of their curiosity rambles on ,most likely sparking a lively debate with a recent topic on the news.

Libra, being ruled by Venus is also naturally artistic. Libras like things of tangibility, things you can touch, and see, as Venus does endow her children with inordinate visual talents. The sign of the scales also make gifted leaders, making sure every voice is heard, and trying to find the best middle ground so everyone can be happy with the decision.

This need to please, that saturates the pores of almost every Libras life, can become their downfall. Libras, have some of the worst codependent behavior in the Zodiac, relying heavily upon the approval of others, and not being able to take a hit after dealing one. Libras are prone to selfishness, hypocrisy, and manipulation, trying to get their way by controlling the emotions of those around them, and sometimes being critical of others when they have the same behaviors. They sometimes are strangely forgetful, forgetting what you tell them the next day, or hour.

Sexually, Libras need to be extremely comfortable and open before they do anything. Though once they start, they are hard to stop. Libra sex varies from individual, to individual, due to the fact that they want to please their partner so badly. A universal theme of their copious copulating, is equal parts giving, equal parts receiving, rightfully dictated by the just sign of the scales. Libra personifies the Apollonian principle, the principle of a just organized and well rounded society, they enjoy seeing these aspects around them in life,having a beautiful home while upholding the laws and fearing discipline at all cost.

Principle: The Apollonian Principle. Libra seeks to live a life of order and reason. He is concerned with building a harmonious civilization based on a beautiful ideologies and replete with a pleasing aesthetic. He sculpts out his own character, which he presents to the world as poised, disciplined, and equitable. Planetary symbol: The glyph of Venus - circle of spirit above material cross - represents the divine mind. The Third Quadrant is that of mental perception, particularly regarding the concept of existence. For Libra man, the visible world is paramount.

Libra (astrology) - Wikipedia

He is the embodiment of the highly conscious mind and has little concern for what bubbles beneath the surface, whether in the subconscious or laboratory test tubes. For him life is all goodness and light which can cast a dark shadow. Sign glyph: The Libran emblem is the planet Venus, the morning star and evening star. It is also read as the Scales themselves.

Good Libra Traits

The only inanimate symbol of the zodiac, Libra can likewise give the impression of being unreal or just too plain good or talented to be true, depending on whom you ask. Whereas Libra woman weighs others with the Scales of her judgement, Libra man seeks to find balance within himself. The cardinal quality signifies a call to action and initiative. Together, the cardinal-air combination particular to Libra is best illustrated as light. Indeed, the beaming character of Libra male is determined to shine as best he might, forever crafting character.

Some consider him a beacon of idealism, others a superficial lightweight. Polarity: Males in masculine air, fire signs are aligned with gender polarity of their sign and thus embody the quality-element combination of the sign. Libra man is a beam of light, a projection of ideas, a walking-talking thought form. Sign Number: 7 The number of cosmic order: The musical scales comprise seven notes; the week is modeled on seven days of creation.

There are seven virtues, deadly sins, pillars of wisdom, sacraments, and heavens. Light is made up of seven colors. Single Age Association: The age of achievement. This is a time of life when a man is polished in his accomplishments. Focus for the Scales is on being a Renaissance man, an across-the-board great talent, from artist to thinker to connoisseur of all things aesthetic. Psychology: Libra can be rigid and emotionally inflexible. Life needs to fit into boxes, which it rarely does in actuality. Bon vivantism can border on the pathological, and he tends to overindulge in drugs and alcohol, likewise, he may fall prey to sexual addiction.

Libras are great with friendly banter, creative with their ideas, and can quickly come up with ingenious but fair and logical solutions to problems. These abilities allow them to hold their own in any conversation and respond with a quick wit in unexpected ways. Creative, enthusiastic and lively, Libras are open-minded and have a contagious zest for life that allows them to interact with and inspire all sorts of people in extraordinary ways.

Most good Libra traits and characteristics have an equal and opposite bad trait or characteristic. For example, someone who is spontaneous good can also act impulsively bad. So, despite the fact that Libra is striving to develop many positive personality traits, it's that effort that makes Librans vulnerable to the negative.

Libra's easy going peaceful nature good make them vulnerable too giving too much of themselves bad. Though not easily swayed by emotions, they are prone to letting others change their thinking and can waver when it comes to keeping a promise bad. While this trait allows Librans to react calmly to highly emotional circumstances and individuals good combined with their peaceful nature good it can also blind them to the harsh realities of life bad. Librans can lose their cool , separate people, and create conflict bad , often in order to sharpen their skills in diplomacy good.

As a result, they may find themselves surrounded by conflict that's often of their own making bad. Librans have a refined sense of beauty good but can get so carried away with outer beauty that they neglect to cultivate their own inner beauty bad. They love the finer things in life good , and this can lead to being extravagant and self-indulgent in pleasing themselves bad. A Libran's natural aversion to conflict good leads them to avoid any sort of outward ugliness or unpleasantness. But that doesn't mean they don't get angry.